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Rehab services 


After our 3-year-old sport horse gelding underwent colic surgery we were very fortunate that Three Counties Equine Hospital recommended we send him to Kay Allen for rehabilitation.  


Rehab from Colic Surgery

Kay herself is a font of knowledge and wisdom who has a practical solution for every problem that arises and for whom nothing is too much trouble.  Ever present and ever watchful she immediately picks up on any behaviour changes or signs of discomfort, physical or emotional, displayed by the horses in her care and takes remedial action immediately.  We cannot thank Kay enough both for her care of Simon and for her sympathetic response to us as his concerned owners." 

Paul Lindsay BHSII and Geraldine Lindsay USEA Level III Instructor


Effective Box Rest 

Impaction at the ileal-caecal region of the small intestine and secondary distended small intestine (managed surgically)

Simon needed full box rest but as a 3 year old unbroken 17hh horse boredom is a real issue. Our solution was to box rest Simon outdoors in a 14ft square space (post and Rail) with a field shelter next to a companion horse. Hand grazed for 15 minutes 3 times a day. Simon had great views, company and stimulus - all aiding his recovery

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