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Roasted Cherry Tomato Soup with a kick of chilli






Lots of Cherry Tomatoes

Onion peeled and quartered

Celery Stick

2 chillis (optional and depending on hot you like it0

Fresh Basil (or dried will do)

1 teaspoon pepper

pinch of salt

Dash of Balsamic Glaze

Dash of Pomegranate glaze (optional)



wooden spoon



blender (i used my Nutribullet)

smidge of Olive oil


How to make it


Heat oven to 160c

Throw cherry tomatoes, onion, celery, chilli into a roasting dish - splash with olive olive, i love to dashing a little balsamic glaze and pomegranate glaze as well - season 

Roast until cherry tomatoes are very sift and starting to caramelise - that just tease brown and sticky but not burning 


Cool the roasted veg a little - add basil and blend until smooth

I also reserve back a few tomatoes and veg just to add a little texture to the soup

Chuck it all in a pan - test your seasoning 

warm up and its ready 

This soup freezes really well - i just cool and pour into freezer bags already measured out into portions

We always make some parmesan croutons - just tear up some bread pour olive oil (or any oil) over bread and squish in - season - sprinkle over cheese and bake for 10 minutes on 180c

just delish with spicy tomato soup

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