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Grazing Livery


When your horse arrives we will assess its needs and work out a routine. We can factor in daily medication, farrier, worming and dentist. Your horses record is available for inspection at anytime.


 £15  a day plus VAT 

This is your all inclusive price and INCLUDES feed hay, farrier, worm count.

We are VAT registered and must charge VAT on all our services. The VAT chargeable on £15 is £3 = £18 per day 

Making an average monthly livery of £540


We try hard not to have extras on the monthly bill so you can budget effectively 

10% discount for more than one horse on livery 


Monthly fee includes:

A feed twice a day - we like to feed Simple Systems Lucie Nuts and SupaBeet so we know all the horses are getting a good balance of vitamins from a low sugar low starch food that is a soaked feed . We also ad lib Hay / Haylage as required. 


The monthly fee also includes the cost of worm count done 3 times a year, Farrier trimming, Annual Dentist inspection.


Pricing may be reviewed, depending on our supplier prices. We will give  2 months notices of price increases 

We also arrange for rug cleaning - which is itemised on monthly invoice. We worm depending on worm count - wormers are charged at cost. 


All fields have access to good sized field shelters. The paddocks are hoovered very regularly. All horses have a worm count and worming programme. Fencing is all post and rail, stock proof with hedgerows. 

Managed access to grass

We can offer strip grazing and individual small paddocks to manage lamintis, care packages for older horses

All year grazing

Our grazing livery means all horses and ponies are turned out 365 days a year in suitable small groups of 6 - 10 horses. The land is self draining being situated high up on a bedrock of stone.

Shoeing and hoof care

We have a no back shoe policy for all horses. Our farrier will regularly check and trim feet usually on an 8 week cycle

Daily checks

The paddocks are situated on the family 40 acre farm close to the farm house. Checks are carried out twice daily on all horses.

Paddock sizes

Horses are kept in groups of  2 to 10. New horses are Introduced slowly from adjoining fields. For owners with multiple horses, a private paddock might be possible.

Mares and Geldings are kept separately unless owner wants their horses kept together 


Owners can visit anytime, accommodation on the farm is available. Some fields are on the webcam


For owners bring more than one horse a 5% discount is offered

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