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Beetroot Soup



Fresh beetroot


celery stick

2 garlic cloves

sprinkle of sugar

Veggie stock

Your favourite herbs

I added Marjoram - I like this herb as it is quite subtle in flavour and I wanted to taste the beetroot


 few fennel seeds - if I had fresh fennel I would add this in 


Frying pan

Blender - I use my nutri bullet


How to make it


Soften the onion in  a little oil (about a tablespoon) - I do this over a low heat for quite a while about 20 mins - I sprinkle a little sugar over the onion and get it all lovely and sticky - I add in the garlic and season.

Add in a celery stick.

Peel and chop up your beetroot

Fry off a little

Add in stock - simmer until beetroots are soft - takes about 20 mins 


Cool mixture and blitz in blender


Add in your field mushrooms - or any mushrooms will do - fry off -

add in your stock - i never add cream i find it spoils the gorgeous earthy mushroom flavour and my husband doesn't like cream - this recipe is so thick it really doesn't need it. But if you want you could add coconut cream - again with mushrooms this fresh I don't like to mask the deep flavour.


transfer your mushroom mix to your blender - blitz for 30 seconds and transfer back to a pan - warm 

to serve drizzle over truffle oil if you have it - just is amazing and lifts the earthy flavours 

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