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Grazing Livery


We also offer an intensive care laminitis package with soaked hay on a track system - please ring for a bespoke care package price 


Pricing may be reviewed annually on the 1st March. You will be given 2 months’ notice of any price increase. (usually in January)


This fee includes:

Worm count done 3 times a year

Farrier trimming 

Annual Dentist inspection

Haylage ad lib as required in winter months

We offer a 5 star managed grazing livery


Suitable for seniors who are ready to enjoy retirement, or for babies needing space to grow up. Resting horses including hunters, race horses and polo ponies. 

Routine horse management provided by a competent person includes:

  • Daily check over

  • Checking and picking out feet regularly 

  • Arranging farrier as required

  • Worm count 3 times a year

  • Administering any necessary wormer

  • Arranging annual dentist checks

  • Catching in and grooming regularly

  • Routine cleansing of superficial wounds

  • Rug changing as required

  • Arranging rug cleaning and repair

  • Fly spray as required

  • Fly masks changed as required

  • Weight checks

  • Arranging annual vaccinations

  • Maintaining a record of your horse’s routine

  • All field are regular poo picked

Add there is a web cam so you can see your horse whenever you want

In exceptional summer weather we may have to supplement grazing with Hay - we will discuss this with customers but we reserve the right to charge a hay supplement 


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